如何提高研究生產力 (研究生英文編修出版投稿日報) 6/15/2015

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* 如何提高研究生產力
* 學術英文投稿教學影片 (512) Story mapping: True grit – project management
* Viết tiếng Anh học thuật Bảng tin hàng ngàym
* 動詞代替名詞 (精確英文寫作) (英文編修訓練) (6 / 10 )
* 非正式工程英文技術報告 (49) (上)
Academic publishing news 學術英文編修出版新聞




Remember The Milk:http://www.rememberthemilk.com/








*盡量減少干擾。防止讓你分心的工作環境事項,例如 :聊天時間過長,與你的同事撥打電話,電子郵件通知,Twitter或Facebook消息。

*工作時間上只處理一個任務。生產率是指一個任務集中在一個時間完成 , 並不是同一時間完成多項任務, 當你工作時,必須明白何時應阻止其他人接近你,而把心集中在一個任務,但何時必須使自己配合他人工作需求。這可能會使期望你永遠配合他們的人感到困難。但是,你必須學會說不,而把重點放在自己任務上。

Source: Build Your Own Productivity Style by Remixing the Best(lifehacker)

學術英文投稿教學影片 (512) Story mapping: True grit – project management
Viết tiếng Anh học thuật Bảng tin hàng ngàym:

* Loại bỏ sự trùng lặp và cụm từ ngữ không cần thiết (1 / 12)(Chỉnh sửa một cách chính xác) (Đào tạo chỉnh sửa trong viết văn bản tiếng anh)

* Video giảng dạy viết bài báo tiếng Anh (96): Organizing the research paper

* Tổ chức lớp viết báo khoa học thương mại đăng trên tạp chí quốc tế (Ví dụ: ) (15) (phần 1)

* Nền tảng (Ví dụ: Finance)

Viet OWL – Chỉnh sửa báo Khoa học đăng trên tạp chí Quốc tế

動詞代替名詞 (精確英文寫作) (英文編修訓練) (6 / 10 )



11. Only those factors having significant effects on the response average are identified by the
proposed procedure so that unreplicated experiments can be interpreted

12. Selection is made of the optimal levels by experienced engineers for the factors having
significant effects on the response average and standard deviation.

13. A serious limitation on the effectiveness of the current system are caused by user demand.

14. Creation of new genes is possible by innovative technologists

15. The requirement that ID cards must be shown by students when entering the library is
stipulated by school policy.


科技英文編修訓練手冊 柯泰德

非正式工程英文技術報告 (49) (上)


* 簡要的描述工程方案所關心的事項 。經由一個句子描述工程機構對影響目標工程或客戶有關事項的關心程度。

* 闡明特定部門或客戶所關心的工程環境:管理問題形成的工程環境背景描述。

* 介紹工程問題:工程問題的本質和對與其相關的特定部門或客戶的負面影響。

* 介紹工程方案的目標:工程機構對以上問題最合理的回應

* 工程方案方法論的細節描述:精確的方案步驟描述。

* 工程方案主要成果總結:工程方案對特定部門或客戶立即的利益。

* 工程方案對特定部門或領域的全面貢獻:研究結果和所提方法對工程機構以外更廣大讀者的牽涉。


簡要的描述工程方案所關心的事項 Our working group has become increasingly intrigued with the potential role of computers in enhancing the emotional state of users. 闡明特定部門或客戶所關心的工程環境 Computers and the Internet have become an integral part of daily life activities, including work, communication, commerce, retrieval of new information and entertainment. Given the increasing diffusion of computers in society, human-computer interaction (HCI) is increasingly relevant in order to ensure that human-computer communication is as natural as human-human communication. In addition to verbal cues, emotions are vital to human intelligence and profoundly impact human communication. These findings, together with recent advances in sensing, tracking, analysis, and animation of human nonverbal communicative signals, have fueled interest among advanced HCI researchers in affective computing. This emerging field focuses on computational modeling of human perception of affective states, synthesis of affective expressions, and design of affect-sensitive HCI. 介紹管理問題 Affective computing attempts to ensure that a device can detect and effectively respond to emotions of its user in HIS. Approximately 80% to 90% of all human-to-human communication is nonverbal and emotional, necessitating that developers emphasize affective computing to ensure success in HCI. Given this capacity, a computing device accumulates cues from user’s emotions from a variety of sources, e.g., facial expressions, posture, gestures, speech, force or rhythm of key strokes and temperature changes of the user hand on a mouse. Such sources can signify changes in the emotional state of users, and can be detected and interpreted via a computer. A built-in camera that retrieves images of the user and algorithms can be used to process data in order to yield meaningful information. Speech recognition and gesture recognition are among other promising technologies for affective computing applications. For instance, in e-learning, the computer can sense from available cues when the user is having difficulty and offers expanded explanations or additional information. Although beneficial for various research and application areas, tackling these problems is a complex task. Research involving affective computing problems has heavily stressed how to recognize and model the affectivity. However, such approaches fail to cope with emotions that are dynamically changeable and highly fuzzy owing to only the inability of pattern recognition approaches to recognize emotional states and treat each emotional state as a static and not fuzzy one. Evaluating affective computing in HCI is often subjective, subsequently relying on various application domains. Despite the recent emergence of affective computing in HCI, many researchers believe that successfully dealing with emotional states in HCI would enhance the recognition accuracy of various modalities, e.g., speech recognition. Affective computing can assist individuals in becoming more comfortable with computer use. Capable of detecting whether a human user is under stress or confused, a computer could alter the environment to positively affect the emotional state of users.

有效撰寫英文工作提案 柯泰德



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