準備和發表口頭報告 / 口頭報告的要素 : 研究生英文投稿日報 2/22/2014


* 準備和發表口頭報告 (PART A)

* 口頭報告的要素 (PART B)

* 學術英文投稿教學影片 (33): Conference webinars

* 求職申請信函(科技求職英文) (上)

* 商用英文問題描述 (28) (上)

Academic publishing news 學術出版新聞

準備和發表口頭報告 (PART A)

* 分析報告的環境情勢。

– 觀眾知道這個主題有多少?

– 什麼是你觀眾的目標?

– 什麼是你的目的 – 告知或說服,或兩者兼而有之?

– 為發表口頭報告預算時間。

* 組織和發展方式。

Technical Communication 10th Edition by Mike Markel (p. 608)

口頭報告的要素 (PART B)

* 觀眾類型

– 客戶:你針對你的產品說明可以提供的服務和自身的優勢特點。

– 你組織的同事:你可能以你的強項主題來指導同事。您從會議返回後向你的上司做報告。對您的組織提供改進業務的建議,

– 技術會議資深專業人士:您可能談論自己的研究項目或在你領域的有關專業人士。

– 市民:對民間組織和政府機構提供口頭報告。

Technical Communication 10th Edition by Mike Markel (p. 600)

學術英文投稿教學影片 (33): Conference webinars

求職申請信函(科技求職英文) (上)

* 經由廣告、朋友及其他相關訊息得知的工作申請

– In response to your recent advertisement in the September edition of Quality Management Magazine for an executive coordinator of marketing projects in your healthcare products company, I feel that my strong academic background and practical experiences make me highly qualified for this position.

– The position of a pharmaceutical sales representative that you recently advertised in the February 5, 2007 edition of The China Times closely matches my career direction and previous academic training.

* 對未來工作的個人學術及相關專業特質總結

– I received a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management from National Cheng Kung University, where the departmental curriculum sparked my interest in various directions. I became especially interested in strategic management, particularly for the hi-tech sector. Several years of academic study have left me with the deep impression that study is not just for securing employment. As indicated in the attached resume, my recent completion of a Master’s degree in Business Administration Imagery attests to my commitment to pursuing a marketing career. While attempting to understand the recent expansion of the local cosmetics sector, I focused my graduate study on the role of customers relationship management in complying with consumer demand. The results of my research have already contributed to efforts of financial planners to estimate long term trends and to devise appropriate marketing strategies in response. Specifically, I am interested in how various statistical methods can accurately forecast future growth trends in this burgeoning sector – an area of research that has received increasing attention in recent years. Working in your organization would hopefully allow me not only to pursue some of my above research interests, but also to contribute to the further development of this thriving sector.

– Commercial development planning has enthralled me since I took part in a business management training course sponsored by the Council of Labor Affairs. I also focused on development planning in the medical sector while studying in the Department of Healthcare Management at Yuanpei University and later for a Masters in Business Management from the same university. As you can see in the attached resume, while pursuing a graduate degree, I learned of advanced theories in my field and acquired practical training to enhance my ability to identify and resolve problems efficiently. Moreover, closely studying business practices in the medical sector at undergraduate and graduate school has equipped me with the competence to contribute to the development of management strategies to resolve unforeseeable problems efficiently, hopefully at your company.

科技英文 柯泰德

商用英文問題描述 (28) (上)

* 商用提案建構 : 你商用提案的主題是什麼? 你的讀者可以明瞭商用提案的內容嗎?

* 商用問題 : 你的商用提案裡有你試著要解決或是想更進一步瞭解的問題嗎?

* 商用問題的量化 : 你要如何量化問題來讓你的讀者明白之前文獻研究所遇到的量化限制 ?

* 問題的中心 : 如果問題沒被解決或是充分瞭解, 這對商用提案的讀者會有多大的負面衝擊?

* 商用計劃需求 : 根據以上問題,最迫切的計劃需求是什麼?


商用提案建構 Both the increasing popularity of credit card use and growing number of Internet-based promotional activities in Taiwan have enabled banking institutions to acquire extensive customer data. In addition to helping banking institutions to execute customer management and service management efficiently, thoroughly analyzing such data can optimize marketing management practices. Corporate survival in the future hinges on the ability to know and treat customers well through analysis of pertinent data. 商用問題 However, differentiated marketing practices in Taiwan are insufficient, with conventional methods of ranking customers normally based on the bank account balance for each accounting period. This basis alone does not provide a complete customer profile, and seldom incorporates strategies that analyze the commercial transaction data of customers. Insufficient information of unique customer characteristics can obviously not provide specialized services for individuals. Thus, the inability to interact compatibly with customers will cause companies to lose their focus on the product development and promotional strategies. 商用問題的量化 For instance, conventional bank services fail to provide convenient services to customers efficiently. Namely, although the mail-order division of a company sends its promotional materials to its customers, only 10% of those customers subsequently purchased those advertised products. The inability to identify those 10% potential customers are in advance makes it impossible not only to save the remaining 90% overhead costs of the promotional materials, but also to prevent the sales division from concentrating on potential customers to enhance work productivity by providing upgraded products and services. 問題的中心 Consequently, conventional customer ranking methods may cause decision makers to select inappropriate market strategies. Additionally, the lack of a differentiated marketing strategy will lead to inefficiency and high overhead costs. With an increasingly heterogeneous population in Taiwan and broadening sense of individualism island wide making it increasingly difficult to characterize the purchasing habits of consumers, banking institutions can not implement promotional strategies effectively owing to the inability not only to provide reliable services, but also to adopt differentiated marketing practices. Moreover, the inability to identify customer needs rapidly will lead to a high customer turnover rate and eventual loss of competitiveness. 商用計劃需求 Therefore, a customer ranking model must be developed by analyzing the dynamic purchasing behavior of customers and identifying the potential ones who can generate bank revenues.

柯泰德 有效撰寫英文工作提案

Source: 有效撰寫英文工作提案 柯泰德

有效撰寫英文工作提案 柯泰德

密集課程 (柯泰德): Organizing Technical Research Papers(科技研究論文組織寫作)

密集課程 (柯泰德):Developing Copyediting Skills(英文編修訓練)

有效撰寫英文工作提案 柯泰德


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