MLA研究論文括號引用寫作指引 / MLA研究論文引用工作列表: 研究生英文投稿日報 7/26/2013


* MLA研究論文括號引用寫作指引 (PART B)

* MLA研究論文引用工作列表

* 助研究思考及寫作的背景音樂 (194)

* 資訊交流信函 (有效撰寫專業英文電子郵件) (4 of 6)

* 工程英文假設描述 (19) (下)

Academic publishing news 學術出版新聞

MLA研究論文括號引用寫作指引 (PART B)

* MLA研究論文由四個或更多的論文作者引用一個工作,可以在以下發現:

* MLA研究論文由同一作者引用多個工作,可以在以下發現:

* MLA研究論文多個工作由不同的作者引用,可以在以下發現:

* MLA研究論文如何舉兩個相同姓氏但不同名字的作者與作品,可以在以下發現:

* MLA研究論文如何舉一個組織,可以在以下發現:

The Mayfield Handbook of Technical & Scientific Writing by Leslie C. Perleman, James Paradis and Edward Barrett


* MLA研究論文引用工作列表內容,可以在以下找到:

* MLA研究論文被引用工作頁面格式指引,可以在以下找到:

* MLA研究論文引用工作的總體結構,可以在以下找到::


* MLA研究論文如何列出期刊論文,可以在以下找到:

* MLA研究論文如何列出論文的電子格式來源,可以在以下找到:

The Mayfield Handbook of Technical & Scientific Writing by Leslie C. Perleman, James Paradis and Edward Barrett

助研究思考及寫作的背景音樂 (194)
Pēteris Vasks (1946年4月16日-),拉脫維亞裔作曲家。神圣简约主义的代表作曲家之一。

資訊交流信函 (有效撰寫專業英文電子郵件) (4 of 6)


Thank you for your message sent via e-mail and dated November 8, 2004 inviting the branch office in Taiwan to exhibit our innovative TFT-LCD products in New York this upcoming March. Before our participation at this exhibition, I would like to propose an information exchange between our two organizations regarding the material development of TFT-LCD products, hopefully leading to a technology transfer in the near future.

As TFT-LCD technology advances, our branch office strives to offer a line of quality products that satisfy consumer demand, both locally and abroad. Such innovation contributes to the maturation of Taiwan’s recently emerging electronics sector, accelerating technological efforts that boost international competitiveness. The Taiwanese branch of this TFT-LCD company has increased its number of business units to ten by pursuing an aggressive marketing strategy since 1995, increasing revenues. The branch office tentatively plans to construct a new production facility next year and to broaden its organizational scope.

The range of TFT-LCD products manufactured in Taiwan has grown rapidly in recent years; such products have generated considerable profits. The Taiwanese branch has committed significant resources to designing TFT-LCD products, and the Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has granted several patents. To continue this progress, we would like to exchange product-related information and manufacturing technology expertise with your R&D unit, possibly leading to a joint venture once ties are established.

To initiate this collaborative relationship, ten colleagues from the Taiwanese branch would like to visit your R&D unit next year, hopefully meeting with your departmental managers and research personnel. Let me know which dates would be the most convenient for such a visit. Taiwan’s TFT-LCD manufacturers focus on producing small and medium-sized panels. Establishing long-term collaborative ties with renowned manufacturers such as yours reflects our resolve to maintain innovation in the production of TFT-LCD in Taiwan.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions regarding this information exchange opportunity. Thank you in advance for your careful consideration. I firmly believe that such a cooperative relationship would mutually benefit both of our organizations.

工程英文假設描述 (19) (下)

* 工程目標 : 工程提案的目標 ?

* 達成目標的方法 : 你的計劃中達成目標的步驟?

* 希望的結果 : 希望的結果你希望達成的結果?

* 領域的貢獻 : 你的提案對相關工程領域的貢獻?


工程計劃目標 A novel configuration interface can be devised that has more LCAS related constraints than conventional ones do. 達成目標的方法 To do so, a Web-based interface can be developed. Behavior of the controls can then be modified with Java Script to elucidate the characteristics of LCAS. Next, only the correct parameters can be submitted. 希望的結果 As anticipated, the proposed method can ensure the accuracy of submitted parameters. 領域的貢獻 In addition to minimizing the error rate of configuring a LCAS system, the proposed method can reduce the operational costs of service providers. (NOTE : Add 2-3 more sentences that describe more thoroughly how the proposed method contributes to a particular field or sector)

Source: 有效撰寫英文工作提案 柯泰德

有效撰寫英文工作提案 柯泰德

密集課程 (柯泰德): Organizing Technical Research Papers(科技研究論文組織寫作)

密集課程 (柯泰德):Developing Copyediting Skills(英文編修訓練)

有效撰寫英文工作提案 柯泰德


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