APA研究論文括號引用指南 / MLA研究論文括號引用寫作指引: 研究生英文投稿日報 7/25/2013


* APA研究論文括號引用指南 (PART C)

* MLA研究論文括號引用寫作指引 (PART A)

* 助研究思考及寫作的背景音樂 (193)

* 資訊交流信函 (有效撰寫專業英文電子郵件) (3 of 6)

* 工程英文問題描述 (19) (上)

Academic publishing news 學術出版新聞

APA研究論文括號引用指南 (PART C)

* APA研究論文風格如何引用兩部作品由不同的作者用相同的姓氏,可以發現:

* APA研究論文風格如何舉一個組織引用,可以發現:

* APA研究論文風格如何引用一個未知的作者,可以發現:

* APA研究論文風格如何引用個人通訊,可以發現:

The Mayfield Handbook of Technical & Scientific Writing by Leslie C. Perleman, James Paradis and Edward Barrett

MLA研究論文括號引用寫作指引 (PART A)

* MLA研究論文放置括號引用的位置,可以在以下發現:

* MLA研究論文在本文中引用作者名字,可以在以下發現:

* MLA研究論文如何列出頁碼,可以在以下發現:

* MLA研究論文如何引用語錄,可以在以下發現:

* MLA研究論文由兩個或三個論文作者引用一個工作,可以在以下發現:

The Mayfield Handbook of Technical & Scientific Writing by Leslie C. Perleman, James Paradis and Edward Barrett

助研究思考及寫作的背景音樂 (193)
Pēteris Vasks (1946年4月16日-),拉脫維亞裔作曲家。神圣简约主义的代表作曲家之一。

資訊交流信函 (有效撰寫專業英文電子郵件) (3 of 6)


Thank you for your letter dated 10 Nov 2003, which included your article, “Isolation and characterization of functions of genes essential for DNA transformation in Helicobacter pylori”. In response to your invitation, I would like to visit your organization to exchange technological information regarding gene expression, the assay function of proteins and related transformation mechanisms.

As a graduate student at the Institute of Biotechnology Research at Yuanpei University of Science and Technology in Hsinchu, Taiwan, I am collaborating with my professor in a National Science Council-sponsored research project, to generate a mutant library from a clinical isolate of Helicobacter pylori. The results from our laboratory on Helicobacter pylori, have demonstrated that some gene mutants induce dramatic natural transformation. Our recent findings have been published in a monthly JBC magazine. The article attempted to characterize genes and their role in the natural transformation of Helicobacter pylori. The experimental results obtained in this project have already greatly helped Taiwan’s development of attenuated vaccine strains of Helicobacter pylori.

Individuals of all ages can get ulcers. The incidence rates of women and men are nearly identical. Over 25 million Americans suffer from an ulcer during their lifetimes. Fortunately, most ulcers are caused by an infection with Helicobacter pylori, opening the possibility of prevention through the development of an effective and safe vaccine. Our research is focused mainly on identifying associated proteins. The results will be helpful in producing an antiserum, preparing membranes and purifying proteins from inclusion bodies. Your recognized expertise in this area would greatly benefit our own research efforts. I hope that through a technological information exchange, we will be able to identify areas of mutual interest, possibly leading to a technology transfer or joint venture.

I look forward to your response to some of the above points concerning this information exchange opportunity. Visiting your laboratory for two week to exchange ideas of mutual interest would appear to be a good first step. Let me know which dates would be the most convenient for you. Thank you in advance for your careful consideration. I hope that this information exchange opportunity will open doors to future collaboration between our two organizations.

工程英文問題描述 (17) (上)

* 工程提案建構 : 你工程提案的主題是什麼? 你的讀者可以明瞭工程提案的內容嗎?

* 工程問題 : 你的工程提案裡有你試著要解決或是想更進一步瞭解的問題嗎?

* 工程問題的量化 : 你要如何量化問題來讓你的讀者明白之前文獻研究所遇到的量化限制 ?

* 工程問題的中心 : 如果問題沒被解決或是充分瞭解, 這對工程提案的讀者會有多大的負面衝擊?

* 工程計劃需求 : 根據以上問題,最迫切的計劃需求是什麼?


工程計劃建構 The configuration of NG-SDH’s LCAS is more complex than that of the conventionally adopted SDH owing to the higher number of parameters to be configured. 工程計劃問題 However, the conventionally adopted configuration method often incurs parameter-related errors easily. 工程計劃問題的量化 For instance, when 63-provisional VC-12 is configured, the error rate exceeds 30%. 工程計劃問題的中心 Importantly, a high error rate increases inefficiency in LCAS research, subsequently raising operational costs of service providers. 工程計劃需求 Therefore, a novel configuration interface must be devised that has more LCAS related constraints than conventional ones do.

Source: 有效撰寫英文工作提案 柯泰德

有效撰寫英文工作提案 柯泰德

密集課程 (柯泰德): Organizing Technical Research Papers(科技研究論文組織寫作)

密集課程 (柯泰德):Developing Copyediting Skills(英文編修訓練)

有效撰寫英文工作提案 柯泰德


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