APA研究論文括號引用指南 / 研究論文中適當地使用文獻來源引述文字 : 研究生英文投稿日報 7/23/2013


* APA研究論文括號引用指南 (PART A)

* 研究論文中適當地使用文獻來源引述文字 (PART B)

* 助研究思考及寫作的背景音樂 (191)

* 資訊交流信函 (有效撰寫專業英文電子郵件) (1 of 6)

* 工程英文問題描述 (18) (上)

Academic publishing news 學術出版新聞

APA研究論文括號引用指南 (PART A)

* APA研究論文風格的作者名字引用,可以發現:

* APA研究論文風格的論文引用,可以發現:

* APA研究論文風格的頁碼引用,可以發現:

* APA研究論文風格如何引用報價,可以發現:

* APA研究論文風格的兩位作者引用,可以發現:

The Mayfield Handbook of Technical & Scientific Writing by Leslie C. Perleman, James Paradis and Edward Barrett

研究論文中適當地使用文獻來源引述文字 (PART B)

* 意譯採用文獻來源材料,但選擇了一個全新的方式重申原來的句子結構和詞彙。

* 取用句子基本結構及用別的字詞代替原先句子是不可被接受的,並可能被視為抄襲他人作品。

* 通過合併多個文獻來源引述的措辭來創建一個新的句子,也是剽竊。

* 一個可接受的的意譯和剽竊之間差異的例子可以在以下找到:http://www.mhhe.com/mayfieldpub/tsw/source.htm

The Mayfield Handbook of Technical & Scientific Writing by Leslie C. Perleman, James Paradis and Edward Barrett

助研究思考及寫作的背景音樂 (191)
Pēteris Vasks (1946年4月16日-),拉脫維亞裔作曲家。神圣简约主义的代表作曲家之一。

資訊交流信函 (有效撰寫專業英文電子郵件) (1 of 6)


Thank you for your message sent via e-mail and dated December 31, 2004, inviting our Taiwanese branch office to exhibit its innovative bedding and pillow products in Cologne, Germany on May 2005. Before participating in the exhibition, I would like to propose an information exchange relationship between our two organizations regarding the sleeping needs of elderly individuals, hopefully leading to a technology transfer or joint venture opportunity in the near future.

The Taiwanese branch of this bedding company has increased its number of business units by pursuing an aggressive marketing strategy since 2000. It has more than 20 units across the island and has seen a dramatic increase in sales volume. The branch office tentatively plans to construct a new factory next year and broaden its organizational scope. Franchises are helped to outperform the competition, as evidenced by our development of several bedding and pillow types and emphasis on electrically heated bedding and customized pillows.

Taiwan’s elderly population has grown rapidly in recent years, and the bedding market has generated considerable revenues. Given this trend, the R&D Division of the Taiwanese branch has committed significant resources to designing bedding customized for elderly individuals. The Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has already granted the relevant patents. Given our headquarters’ vast knowledge of consumer trends and technological developments in this area, we would like to exchange product information and manufacturing technology expertise with your R&D unit. Germany has distinguished itself in the latest technological developments in bedding comfort, the marketing of these products, and consumer relations in this niche.

To initiate this collaborative relationship, five colleagues from the Taiwan branch (including myself) would like to visit your R&D unit, this upcoming January, hopefully to meet with your departmental managers and research personnel. Let me know which dates would be the most convenient for such a visit. Prior to our visit, we would appreciate your forwarding to us any materials regarding your company’s technological developments and marketing strategies in this area. I look forward to hearing your ideas or suggestions regarding this information exchange opportunity. Thank you in advance for your careful consideration. I look forward to this mutually beneficial, cooperative effort.

工程英文問題描述 (18) (上)

* 工程提案建構 : 你工程提案的主題是什麼? 你的讀者可以明瞭工程提案的內容嗎?

* 工程問題 : 你的工程提案裡有你試著要解決或是想更進一步瞭解的問題嗎?

* 工程問題的量化 : 你要如何量化問題來讓你的讀者明白之前文獻研究所遇到的量化限制 ?

* 工程問題的中心 : 如果問題沒被解決或是充分瞭解, 這對工程提案的讀者會有多大的負面衝擊?

* 工程計劃需求 : 根據以上問題,最迫切的計劃需求是什麼?


工程計劃建構 Despite its strengths, quality of CMMI level 2 can not ensure product quality. 工程計劃問題 Additionally, CMMI level 2 models developed at CCL/ITRI lack the ability to monitor the quality of manufactured products. (NOTE : Add 3-4 more sentences that describe characteristics of the problem or statistics that reflect its severity) 工程計劃問題的量化 For instance, more than 50% of all CMMI level 2 models are deficient in product quality. 工程計劃問題的中心 Importantly, substandard quality will delay product delivery and result in a loss of future contracts for CCL. 工程計劃需求 Therefore, the verification process area in CMI level 3 must be adopted for CCL.

Source: 有效撰寫英文工作提案 柯泰德

有效撰寫英文工作提案 柯泰德

密集課程 (柯泰德): Organizing Technical Research Papers(科技研究論文組織寫作)

密集課程 (柯泰德):Developing Copyediting Skills(英文編修訓練)

有效撰寫英文工作提案 柯泰德

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